TunnelRadio Leaky FeederLeaky Feeder

GCS is the Australian distributor for Tunnel Radio of America  (TR) leaky feeder communication. We employ some of Australia’s most experienced Engineers and RF Technicians with decades of experience in these systems. Combined with the Research/Development, Manufacturing & technical support of TR GCS offer unparalleled access to quality product, leading edge technology and service.

Radio BrandsTwo Way Radio

Two way radio is one of the world’s oldest and best known electronic communication formats. It is simple to operate, reliable and rapidly deployed. In the remote regions of Australia it has been at the forefront of communications for decades. Two way radio continues to evolve with the advent of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) which brings improved services and voice quality to the two way medium. Please contact us for assistance with your two way radio requirements.

Remote Blast UnitsRemote Blasting

Remote Blasting offers Blasters the opportunity for significant safety improvements as well as reducing costs of blasting consumables. GCS are the Australia / New Zealand Authorised Distributor and Service Centre for Rothenbuhler Engineering Remote Firing Devices. We supply and service Remote Blasting Solutions for the Mining, Civil & Construction industries as well as Law Enforcement and Military. We supply training, spare parts, scheduled maintenance and more. Contact us to know more.

Portable Satellite UnitSatellite Voice & Data

Communication for Remote Exploration Sites. Traditionally secure reliable communication for Mineral Exploration Sites has been difficult & expensive. Major changes in recent years have seen the introduction of Satellite phones and data which was a major step forward.Gcs is an official supplier of Immersat and Iridium Satellite communications

Wireless BroadbandWireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is an effective and economic way to provide hi speed data and voice services to remote offices and sites. GCS have qualified Engineers and world class products to meet your applications. Contact us for Solutions for your remote data requirements.